CEWIL Canada releases new resources on work-integrated learning opportunities

September 3, 2021
Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning (CEWIL) Canada has released new resources that will help employers and community partners to better support and work with the university and college students that complete placements with them. The resources, which were created in partnership with Magnet, describe nine forms of work-integrated learning opportunities that CEWIL recognizes. They are written to clarify expectations, articulate deliverables, frame timelines for opportunities, and provide examples and best practices. “These resources are meant to act as a starting point — an internal brainstorming session — of what can be possible through student talent,” said Dan Lonergan, CEWIL’s Associate Director of Partnerships. “They are tools to begin the conversation internally, and then reach out to institutions to ask about opportunities and possibilities.” CEWIL (National)