CFS criticizes UVic over barring education students from attending striking teachers' protest events

March 13, 2012

The University of Victoria administration recently e-mailed student teachers to inform them that they are not allowed to participate in protest events in relation to the BC teachers' job action. The e-mail, sent by the associate dean for teacher education, said: "Students are to maintain a 'neutral' stance; regardless of their personal feelings or alignments, as University of Victoria student teachers they are not to participate in protest events related to these negotiations during practicum time." The Canadian Federation of Students-BC's chairperson says "it reflects very poorly on the University of Victoria when the institution's administration attempts to intimidate students into not exercising free speech off campus in events that will directly impact their careers." He says the dean "has gravely overstepped her authority and should retract her bogus demand." CFS-BC News Release