CFS grades federal parties on their PSE platforms

April 27, 2011

Yesterday the Canadian Federation of Students released its 2011 Political Party Report Card, which graded the 5 top federal parties in the following 6 categories: national vision and funding of PSE; student debt; Aboriginal PSE; research and innovation; data collection; and copyright reform. The NDP and Liberals received an "A" and a "B," respectively, for their priorities reflecting the CFS' call for a national vision for higher education and for their strategies to address student debt. The student organization gave an "F" to the Conservative Party, which the CFS says offers no national vision for PSE, offers no strategy to reduce student debt, and has made tracking of PSE and other statistics difficult by eliminating the mandatory long-form census. The Bloc Québécois received an "incomplete" due its position on higher education responsibilities, and the Green Party also got an "incomplete" as its platform provides insufficient information to be graded. CFS News Release | 2011 Political Party Report Card