CFS-NS launches mental health awareness program

September 8, 2014

The Canadian Federation of Students – Nova Scotia has launched a new campaign to raise awareness about student mental health and to prompt PSE institutions to invest in mental health support. “Student mental health has been a growing concern for years … Students have become very concerned with, often, the lack of services [on] campus,” said CFS-NS Chairperson Anna Dubinski. Dubinski said that the challenges faced by many students, including moving away from home, part-time jobs, and academic pressures, can exacerbate mental health issues, but claims that student debt is the primary stressor. “Increasing tuition fees and student mental health aren’t different issues. They’re actually one and the same,” she said. Nicholas Hatt, Dean of Students at the University of King’s College, said that his institution provides many services that help create a healthy environment, but acknowledged that more can be done. “It’s great to work with CFS and with the students on improving access to the services,” he said. Global News | CFS-NS