Changes in journalism education extend to teaching staff

August 27, 2014

As journalism schools at PSE institutions across Canada adjust course delivery and content in order to accommodate industry changes, they are also revising the criteria required for those teaching journalism. In the second of a 3-piece series on the changing nature of journalism education, Ryerson University journalism professor Janice Neil explores what institutions are looking for in teachers. More than half of the respondents surveyed said their faculties had expanded in the last 5 years; additionally, 83% said they had revised the criteria for teaching jobs in the last several years. The skills desired by journalism schools have shifted from an emphasis on newspapers and print experience to digital reporting and production skills, with 58% suggesting experience in these areas was extremely important or a deal-breaker. Past experience teaching has become more sought-after, especially by university journalism schools; and, more schools today are looking for candidates that have an advanced degree than they were 5 years ago. Investigative journalism is still a highly desired attribute for new hires, while entrepreneurial journalism was identified by only a small number of schools as being desirable. Canadian Journalism Project