Chinese consulate meets with BC ministry over strike concerns

September 16, 2014

The Vancouver Sun reports that the government of China is “concerned” about the ongoing British Columbia teachers’ strike. According to the Sun, representatives of the Chinese consulate met with members of BC’s Ministry of Education after several Chinese parents asked the consulate to intervene. There is currently no end in sight to the ongoing job action. The BC government had previously set a goal of increasing the number of international students by 50% over 4 years. In Vancouver alone, nearly 1,500 international students each pay $13,000 in annual tuition fees to attend public school; there are approximately 14,000 international K-12 students province-wide. Beyond tuition fees, international students are seen as valuable for their contributions to the economy through living expenses as well as their importance as potential immigrants to Canada. China has historically been a leading provider of international students in the province. The impact reaches beyond K-12 education as well; 43% of independent business owners who responded to a Canadian Federation of Independent Business survey said that they believe the strike will hurt them if it continues. Vancouver Sun