CIC creates cartoons to correct misconceptions about liberal arts colleges

August 22, 2014

Twitter users who denigrate the liberal arts may be in for a debate from a couple of cartoon characters. The US-based Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) has created 2 characters, named Libby and Art, to respond to what they describe as “really negative, incorrect, factless stories” about liberal-arts colleges’ affordability and outcomes. Libby was created to share student insights, while Art, who in his tweed jacket and glasses resembles a stereotypical college professor, “tweets the facts.” The CIC has hired a Baltimore-based social-media expert to manage the characters’ account. Each day, the social media manager sifts through a long list of social media posts and identifies opportunities to correct misperceptions. He’s found that images, including infographics and photographs, tend to be the most popular posts. The Chronicle of Higher Education | @SmartColleges Twitter Feed