Citing security incidents, students call on UAlberta to provide locks for residence

December 7, 2018

Students who live in the University of Alberta’s HUB Mall are calling on the university to provide locks for the residential side of the complex. CBC reports that the split-use facility consists of retail space and six floors of student residences, and that UAlberta documents several hundred security incidents each year. “We are getting a lot of trespassers inside of HUB,” said Jared Larsen, President of HUB Community Association. “Usually it's a large number of homeless people but we have had religious solicitors going door to door after hours, people who aren't supposed to be there.” A 2013 risk-assessment by UAlberta’s internal audit services estimated that retrofitting the facility’s 60 ground-level doors with panic hardware and card readers would cost around $2.2M. CBC (AB)