City of Brampton renews bid for university with launch of BramptonU campaign

December 2, 2019

The City of Brampton has launched a new campaign to acquire government funding for a university in the city. Last year, the Ontario government rescinded a previously approved $90M funding commitment that would see a Ryerson University satellite campus built in the city. The city has since launched “BramptonU,” an initiative to attract partnerships to build and operate a brick-and-mortar Brampton University campus, which would potentially include student housing. "Right now, BramptonU is a movement, a process to bring a full university to Brampton," said the city. “The goal for BramptonU is to transform it from a process into a living, breathing university, offering leading undergraduate and graduate degrees in skills to prepare for in-demand jobs of the future.” Brampton Guardian (ON)