CNA prof develops drone journalism code of conduct

June 6, 2014

An instructor at the College of the North Atlantic in Newfoundland has drafted a code that he hopes will guide the ethical use of drones in journalism. Jeff Ducharme said, “there is concern in the public about drone journalism and the potential invasion of privacy. I think it’s incumbent on us to put something in place to address those concerns.” Currently, Transport Canada regulates the use of drones for commercial use, a category that includes journalism. However, Ducharme believes the practice will become commonplace before long. “Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, in journalism and other professions are becoming common. In journalism, we have to show that we can operate these craft in a responsible, safe and unobtrusive way,” Ducharme said. Currently, CNA and BC’s Langara College are the only Canadian institutions offering instruction in drone journalism. CNA News | Drone Journalism Code