CNC announces 2% tuition increase

December 2, 2014

The College of New Caledonia in Prince George, British Columbia has announced that it will increase tuition by 2%. The bump was approved by the college’s board of governors on Friday. CNC President Henry Reiser said, “I’m comfortable with a modest increase in tuition in order to ensure that the institution is sustainable. Tuition represents a very, very small cost of attending a postsecondary institution.” Reiser further noted that CNC had not increased its tuition even as many other institutions in the province had. “One of the problems is that in the past we did not take advantage of the tuition lifts as everyone else in the province did and as a result we are being consistently penalized in meeting our budgetary needs,” he said. Eric Depenau, a student member of the board of governors, voted against the increase, saying that the province should be doing more to keep the cost of education down. Reiser said that the college is also looking at other ways to meet its financial challenges, including creating new programs and recruiting more international students. Prince George Citizen