Collège Boréal SMA highlights support for Aboriginal education, francophone culture

August 18, 2014

Ontario has released the strategic mandate agreement (SMA) it signed with Collège Boreal. The agreement identifies Boréal's key differentiators as its support for francophone education and culture and its significant French-language PSE network, which reaches 27 communities across Ontario. The college’s medical radiation, ultrasonography, funeral services, and veterinary care programs are also identified as areas of strength. The SMA notes Boréal’s many community and national partnerships, applied research activities, and employment services as further strengths. The college’s support for blended and experiential learning are also highlighted. The SMA acknowledges Boréal’s high number of first-generation students and its considerable population of students with special needs as well as its support for the success of Aboriginal students through the college’s Louis-Riel Centre. 5 proposed areas for growth are identified in the report: administration, health, community services, technology, and skilled trades. Boréal SMA