Collège de Valleyfield orders students to return to class

April 11, 2012

Collège de Valleyfield director Guy Laperrière has ordered striking students to return to class, despite a vote to extend a campaign to force the Quebec government to withdraw plans to hike university tuition fees. "The situation is critical. We don't have a choice," says Laperrière, who notes that his CÉGEP is the first to order students to return to school. Leaders of the coalition representing striking students condemn the order and are calling on students from across Quebec to march on Valleyfield today. Feeling the heat from students concerned they will lose their term, Laperrière says he had a duty to act. The college recently announced it would annul its summer courses in order to meet the required class hours for its current semester. Meanwhile, Concordia University president Frederick Lowy said at a town hall meeting Tuesday that while students have a right to protest, "it doesn't mean it will be without consequences." While Concordia does not have the power to grant academic amnesty, which is something that has to be worked out on a course-by-course basis, Lowy said the institution is considering waiving a $20-per-course fee for incomplete grades. Montreal Gazette