Collaboration is key to improving student learning 

February 14, 2020

In our experience, even at universities which offer various forms of support for educational development, there are challenges around faculty accessing such support, or making a choice to access it (or not), write Andie Burazin, Veselin Jungić, and Miroslav Lovrić. Recognizing these challenges, two authors called for a national dialogue regarding teaching practices in first year mathematics at Canadian universities. The call resulted in several national meetings on the topic, the creation of sharable online database for math instructor resources, and the publication of a First-year Math and Stats in Canada newsletter. "Our hope is that this Canadian dialogue will reach far enough to encourage our university policymakers, administrators and professional societies to engage in a meaningful structural change to meet the demands of the modern world and provide the best learning experience possible for our students," conclude the authors.   UA  (National)