Collaborative, participatory learning key to reaching Millennials

July 24, 2014

A blog post in the Huffington Post offers advice on some of the ways in which PSE institutions can better reach Millennials and, in time, “Generation Z.” The post cites a February poll noting that Millennials are increasingly staying in school longer and suggests that institutions should work on attracting Millennials to “robust graduate programs.” The author also recommends that colleges and universities embrace digital learning tools including massive open online courses (MOOCs), noting that online learning opportunities will become a basic expectation of students in the near future. The post also points to studies showing that many Millennials prefer to work collaboratively, and suggests increasing collaborative work as well as participatory learning that immerses students in their work. Finally, the post points to the flipped classroom model as one way to engage Millennial students and improve retention. Huffington Post