College attainment in US sees incremental increase

April 23, 2014

According to the newest annual report released by the US-based Lumina Foundation, the percentage of American adults (aged 25–64) with a PSE credential increased 0.7% from 2011–2012, to 39.4%. However, the increase falls short of Lumina’s 2012 benchmarking, and suggests that the foundation’s goal of 60% attainment by 2025 may be difficult without “significant changes in higher education.” "We’re seeing momentum, but we don’t want to be complacent or overstate it," said Jamie P Merisotis, Lumina’s President. "The possibility of getting to the goal is more likely than it was a few years ago." The report also reveals that young adults (aged 25–34) now have a college-attainment rate of 41%, an increase of 3% from 2008. Merisotis noted that with a declining youth demographic, it is necessary to turn the focus to mature learners and other non-traditional students, such as minorities. The Chronicle of Higher Education | Lumina News Release