College students feel they have advantage in job market

September 18, 2013

According to data from the 2013 RBC Student Finances Poll, more college students (92%) feel their education gives them an advantage in the job market compared to their university peers (87%). The poll also showed that university students expected to spend 60% more on education ($40,500) than did their college peers ($25,100). University students expect to take close to a year longer to pay off student debts. It is not surprising that college students are more confident about their ability to transition into the workforce, considering the attention the media has been giving to the benefits of college or trades training over some traditional university degrees. Ken Coates, former Dean at the University of Waterloo, recently stated that more students would have “brighter futures if they went to college or trade school.” According to Coates, many students who feel pressure to attend university over college experience a “crash and burn” because they do not have the study skills necessary to succeed. RBC News Release | NewsTalk 1010