Colleges, institutes add $190B to Canadian economy: report

October 14, 2016

Canadian colleges and institutes were responsible for generating over $190B in added income for the Canadian economy in 2014-15, according to a new report by Colleges and Institutes Canada. The report found that graduates of these institutions earned an average of $3.80 for every dollar they spent on tuition and associated costs, while Canadian society in aggregate received $5.40 in added national income and social savings for every dollar it spent supporting students at these institutions. International students were also found to generate roughly $1.6B in additional income for the Canadian economy. “This study confirms the tremendous impact that colleges and institutes have across the country,” noted CICan President Denise Amyot. “It is a meaningful measure of the value of a college education, both to graduates who benefit from the skills they have acquired for the duration of their careers and to society as a whole.” CICan | Report