Colleges Ontario outlines priorities for province's upcoming budget

February 15, 2012

In its pre-budget submission, Colleges Ontario says the provincial government must send a strong signal in its 2012 budget about the next steps to be taken to more effectively advance the transfer of completed credits when a PSE student transfers to another institution. The organization says Ontario must ensure the new spaces provided by the proposed new undergraduate campuses are directly tied to a transformation of PSE that is more career-specific. To that end, the submission states, the province -- through its RFP process -- must ensure that any proposal considered involve a college and a university in a new kind of partnership that has at its core a culture of credit transfer and credential recognition. Colleges Ontario says the government can achieve savings through a realignment of the apprenticeship system by providing colleges with greater responsibility for the management and delivery of apprenticeship training. The submission states that colleges' funding needs for 2012-13 include $51 million for operating grants, $2 million for applied research, $61 million for deferred maintenance, and $20 million for instructional equipment. Pre-Budget Submission