Concordia to disclose details of some severance packages

March 13, 2012

As it initiates an external review of its severance policy for senior administrators, Concordia University plans to publicly disclose information related to severance packages totalling approximately $2.4 million made to 5 senior managers over the past few years. President Frederick Lowy's statement on the matter did not extend to disclosures about the departure of former president Claude Lajeunesse, who left in 2007 with a $1.4-million severance 2 years into his contract. Quebec Education Minister Line Beauchamp has fined Concordia $2 million to signal her displeasure with the institution, where she has said "there is a problem of governance." One Concordia professor says the situation at the institution is "scandalous" and calls on the minister to dismiss Concordia's board of governors. Montreal Gazette