Concordia Edmonton launches Bachelor of Arts (French) International Double Degree

January 12, 2018

Concordia University of Edmonton has launched a new international double degree program that it says is the first of its kind in Alberta. The program allows students to begin a three-year Bachelor of Arts (French) at Concordia Edmonton, and complete their final year at France’s Université de Bretagne – Sud. Students will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in French from Concordia Edmonton and a Licence Lettres Modernes from Bretagne – Sud. “This is a great achievement that opens up vistas for students enrolled in the programme,” said Bretagne – Sud President Jean Peeters. “They will obtain a double degree and better understand both Canadian and French cultures.” Concordia Edmonton also recently signed an agreement that will allow students to take a new international dual degree Bachelor of Management program with Concordia Edmonton and Beijing Foreign Studies University. Concordia Edmonton (1) | Concordia Edmonton (2)