Concordia launches formal investigation into sexual misconduct allegations

January 12, 2018

Concordia University has launched a formal investigation into the allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour in its creative writing program. Concordia graduate Mike Spry recently wrote that he had witnessed “innumerable instances of unwanted affection, groping, inappropriate remarks and propositions” in the program, and the Toronto Star reports that these experiences are shared by other former students. “I am disturbed by what I read in the blog post,” wrote Concordia President Alan Shepard in a letter to the Concordia community. “These allegations are serious, and will be treated seriously.” Shepard pointed to a number of initiatives that Concordia is undertaking in response to the allegations, and concluded that “I am personally committed to these and other efforts to continue building a safe and secure environment at the university, an environment free from sexual violence and harassment.” CBC | Toronto Star | Concordia