Concordia meets with Muslim Students Association to discuss library materials

March 6, 2015

Concordia University Dean of Students Andrew Woodall met with members of the institution's Muslim Students Association (MSA) yesterday to discuss a TV news report that alleged the student group was providing access to materials by "extremist preachers." Ibrahim Abou Arab, VP External for the MSA, said that the report unfairly suggested that the student group promoted the views of the works in question. However, he said that the MSA will review the books available in its library. "We're going to go through them book by book and if we find something that crosses the line or something that is radical or too extreme, then of course it'll be off the shelf forever." A Concordia spokesperson said that they are taking the issue seriously. "Of course there is concern when someone is telling you there is potentially illegal or inappropriate content. We reached out to our student association right away," said Chris Mota, Concordia's Director of Media Relations. CBC | Montreal Gazette