Concordia students organize sleep-in to protest tuition fee increases

February 28, 2012

On Monday, a group of Concordia University students began a 5-day sleep-in in the atrium of a campus library in a bid to raise awareness of the tuition fee increase issue and a vote on March 7 to boycott classes for a week. If students support the boycott, another vote would take place after a week to extend it. Approximately 30 students were expected Monday night, and more as the week progresses. "This is not an angry form of protest," says the Concordia Student Union's president, who praises the institution for working with students rather than against them. "We have been co-operative and will help them set up in a secure fashion," says a Concordia official. Approximately 48,000 students in Quebec are on an unlimited strike to protest the fee increases, but so far Anglophone institutions have not joined the boycott. Meanwhile, Cégep de Saint-Laurent students, who were locked out last Friday, have voted overwhelmingly to continue their boycott of classes for at least another week. Though the campus is open, classes have been suspended, says the CÉGEP's director general. Montreal Gazette