Condom use low among university students

October 23, 2013

Canadian university students say they take sexual health seriously, but half of them don’t use condoms, according to a survey by the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN) and Trojan. Out of the 1,500 university students from across the country surveyed, 64% had a sexual encounter within the past year. Although 72% of students engaged in intercourse during their last sexual encounter, only 51% reported using a condom. The survey also included a sex knowledge portion, which found that 74% of students scored 5 out of 10 or lower on a sexual health knowledge quiz, despite the fact that 62% ranked their knowledge of sexual health as "excellent" or "very good.” The report also found that 27% of males and 23% of females have never had sex, and that 34% said their most recent sexual encounter was within a casual relationship such as a "hook-up," or involving a "friend with benefits." Trojan News Release