Conestoga President reflects on recent ON memo, calls full return to normal by Fall “unlikely”

July 21, 2021
In a new article for Kitchener Today, Conestoga College President John Tibbits has shared his concerns about whether postsecondary institutions can return to normal by the fall in light of a recent Government of Ontario memo. Tibbits says that reopening will pose a variety of challenges, including balancing financial costs, vaccination levels, and virus transmission. “I think it’s unlikely, despite that memo, that we could bring 25,000 people back on-campus full-time in the fall,” said Tibbits, who noted that class sizes will likely be larger than sizes in the winter, but not similar to pre-pandemic sizes. “If we’re not allowed to have compulsory vaccinations then how do we protect people if we bring everyone [back to school with no restrictions],” asked Tibbits. Kitchener Today (ON)