Conference Board of Canada sheds light on Canadian PSE gender gap

July 2, 2014

The Conference Board of Canada has released data on the gender gap in Canadian PSE, giving the nation a “B” overall. However, the gap varied significantly between provinces and between different education levels. Ontario was found to have the smallest gender gap among all Canadian provinces, scoring a B. The gap was most pronounced in Alberta and Saskatchewan, which scored a D and a D-, respectively. According to the report, Canada’s gender gap favoured women in every province. In Saskatchewan, for example, the ratio of men to women with PSE education was 60:100, compared to 87:100 in Ontario. The gap was found to be more pronounced among younger demographics than in the overall sample. The report also found that while men had a lower rate of PSE education overall, men outnumbered women in fields with superior employment and income prospects. Men also outnumbered women in apprenticeships and doctoral education programs. Conference Board News Release