Conference Board grades provinces on PhD education

January 14, 2015

The Conference Board of Canada has published provincial rankings of PhD education in Canada, casting a critical eye on the country’s PhD graduation rates. Quebec is the only province to receive a grade of C for its PhD graduates; the other 9 provinces received no better than a D grade, with 5 receiving a D-.The report also points out that a high number of PhD graduates leave Canada after completing their studies. The Conference Board says that the fact that graduation rates are poor across the country suggests a structural problem and speculates that Canada’s private sector does not provide enough incentive for students to pursue advanced education, noting that Canadian firms hire fewer PhD graduates than their US counterparts. The report also suggests that while Canada’s completion rate for high school, college, and university students is strong, the country’s education system does not do enough for participants at higher levels of study and so is not effectively attracting students to advanced research programs. Conference Board