Contact North continues to see increases in registrations

November 28, 2014

Ontario's Contact North | Contact Nord is reporting a 28.4% increase in enrolments for the spring/summer 2014 semester compared to the same time in 2013. This represents a total of more than 10,000 registrations in online learning courses. Students can access programs entirely online and can also visit one of 122 local learning centres to access Contact North programs online. Last winter, Contact North reported an 18.4% increase in enrolments over the previous year, indicating steady enrolment growth. “Contact North | Contact Nord works with [Ontario’s 24 public colleges, 22 public universities, and 250 literacy and basic skills and training providers] to support thousands of Ontarians to prepare for the jobs of today and the emerging opportunities of the future through online learning,” said President Maxim Jean-Louis. Contact North News Release