Controversial film screening at King's addressed by Principal

January 17, 2020

King's University College Principal David Malloy has issued a statement regarding the controversial screening of the film Unplanned. In the statement, Malloy explains that the film screening was part of the school's Veritas series for Faith and Culture and was intended to act as a vehicle for conversation and dialogue around a challenging political, social, and religious topic. Alongside expressing regret that persons in the King's community experienced "anxiety, stress and frustration as a function of this event," Malloy also clarified media confusion regarding the school's position on issues such as abortion. "King’s employees, faculty and students do not need to prescribe to the tenets of the Catholic Church," stated Malloy. “King’s does not have a position on abortion.” Malloy called for the Religious Life committee to explore how the group could be reorganized to support the work of Campus Ministry and the College as a whole. King's (ON)