Controversial student websites removed

November 24, 2014

A controversial student website that offered a public sounding board for 2 New Brunswick universities has been shut down. "UNBF and STU Confessions and Compliments" was created by a student at the University of New Brunswick. Content ranged from questions about relationship help to criticisms, compliments, and personal admissions. However, content of an abusive and sexual nature also made its way on to the site, prompting a lengthy anonymous complaint to both university presidents. The complaint stated that the postings on the website had resulted in some students not feeling safe on campus. University administrators reported that the site had been taken down voluntarily by its creator, and that the institutions are seeking advice on including cyberspace activities in their student codes of conduct. A similar site, "Spotted at STU," was also removed by its creator. One professor at UNB cautioned against universities pushing for entire sites to be taken down, as “a lot of offensive speech, a lot of difficult speech, a lot of speech you don't want to hear, can actually be very valuable.” CBC