Controversy continues over TWU proposed law school

February 4, 2014

Journalist and Regent College Theology Professor John G. Stackhouse seeks to debunk a popular argument against the proposed new law school at Trinity Western University in a recent Globe and Mail op-ed. Stackhouse explains that lawyers regularly represent clients who act in ways that differ from their own values and even “appall their counsel.” It is for this reason that he dispels the argument that “since TWU law graduates will be trained in an environment disapproving of homosexuality, [and that] they can be presumed to graduate as disapproving of homosexuality, they therefore must be incapable of serving as lawyers for homosexuals.” Stackhouse adds that “there is nothing illegal about a private Christian law school that insists on a minimal sexual ethic.” While the TWU law school was approved by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and given consent by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, many law professors are calling on their provincial law societies to rethink recognizing graduates of the TWU school. Globe and Mail (op-ed) | Globe and Mail (law professors)