Controversy at uMichigan over handling of football player's concussion

October 3, 2014

The University of Michigan is under fire after its football coach failed to remove from a game a player who was showing visible symptoms of a concussion. The player in question had also suffered an ankle injury earlier in the game, and commentators had questioned whether he should have been removed even prior to the hit that apparently caused the concussion. On Tuesday, students marched on the university President’s home demanding a response, and alumni, students, and the media have questioned whether player safety is being taken seriously enough. uMichigan has issued statements admitting problems with how the incident was handled, but many are calling on the institution to take more decisive action, including firing the football coach or the university’s athletic director. The incident has prompted discussion on what the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) can or should do to better handle the risk of brain injuries among its athletes. The NCAA did release guidelines regarding concussion and other brain injuries earlier this year, but critics have said that they amount to little more than non-binding suggestions. Inside Higher Ed (Michigan) | Inside Higher Ed (NCAA)