COU report finds university grads see best ROI

February 26, 2014

A new report released yesterday by the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) suggests that, contrary to recent reports, university graduates have the best odds of gaining employment in their fields with good wages. The report, University Works, examined empirical data from Statistics Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to determine that university graduates experienced the “highest employment growth of any educational attainment group over the last decade,” and have the highest earnings compared to other educational groups. The report also notes that unemployment rates are similar for both university and college graduates, at around 6% in 2012, and highest for those with high school education only. Those with trades certificates experience unemployment rates of approximately 7%. The demand for university education is growing as well, with a 53% increase in the number of university graduates from 2002-2012. “COU has tested challenges to the value of a university education for the province of Ontario and found that no matter which way you look at it, university graduates succeed in the workplace,” says COU President and CEO Bonnie Patterson. COU News Release | ReportGlobe and Mail | Toronto Star