Council clears UBC of animal cruelty in deaths of research monkeys

March 20, 2012

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) states it has found no evidence to support allegations of animal cruelty against a UBC research team in relation to the deaths of 4 macaque monkeys. Stop UBC Animal Research's allegations stemmed from an experiment involving the injection of a drug to induce Parkinson's-like symptoms in order to test treatments against the disease. A letter to the activist group concludes by saying that "CCAC certification indicates that the animal care and use program at the institution is in compliance with CCAC policies, guidelines, and other relevant standards." The activist group says it still has concerns about a lack of transparency regarding operations of the council and the treatment of monkeys used in research. The SPCA says it has no information to suggest an offence has been committed. UBC News Release | Vancouver Sun