CP, Sun examine male-only Canadian college programs in Saudi Arabia

January 22, 2016

The Canadian Press released an article yesterday highlighting the fact that Niagara College and Algonquin College currently operate campuses in Saudi Arabia that enrol only men. The article reports that the Saudi operating agreement with the colleges “prohibits the education of men and women in the same classes” in keeping with Sharia Law. The colleges have faced criticism over these campuses in the wake of Saudi Arabia’s execution of 47 prisoners earlier this month. The Toronto Sun has also reported that Centennial College has been operating a “corporate training program” in the country that prohibits women from attending. When asked about the male-only campuses, Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Reza Moridi said, “I understand and appreciate the perspectives that have been raised in recent weeks about these educational activities. … I am proud of the advancements that Ontario’s colleges are making in bringing our high-quality programming around the world.” Globe and Mail (CP) | Toronto Sun | CBC | OPSEU