Critics say NS slow in acting on Ivany Commission recommendations

February 17, 2015

Nova Scotia "blueberry baron" John Bragg, member of the Ivany Commission, says that the province has been "slow off the mark" in implementing recommendations made last year to improve the province's economy. Among the recommendations made in the report are that the province should reverse out-migration, grow the number of new businesses by 50%, reduce youth unemployment to the national average, double research partnerships between universities and businesses, and increase the percentage of Nova Scotians with postsecondary training to 65%. The oneNS Coalition, appointed by the province, has until the end of 2015 to come up with an implementation plan. Barry Zwicker, head of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce, says that cultural issues may be impeding progress. "We're a long way from being the capital of startups, for sure. The primary reason is we are scared stiff of change. Generally speaking, change is perceived as bad," he said. CBC