Cultural identity motivates Francophone students to study in French

August 26, 2014

A new study out of the University of Ottawa examines what motivates young Francophones to pursue PSE studies in French. The study focused on Francophone students in Ontario. Among the most significant factors was a student’s sense of his or her cultural identity. “The more young people speak French, the more they consider themselves Francophones and the more attached they are to the French language, making it more likely they will pursue their postsecondary education in French,” said lead researcher André Samson. Other factors that influenced students’ decisions were proximity and the availability of programs in French. However, the study found that students from eastern Ontario were more likely to want to pursue PSE in French than students in Ottawa. Samson believes that this is because students in eastern Ontario use French more frequently. The study also found that Franco-Ontarians who pursued PSE in French had a stronger sense of well-being than those who studied in English. uOttawa News Release