Dal accused of supporting “Nova Scotia’s elite” by PC leader

August 22, 2016

Nova Scotia’s Official Opposition leader has criticized Dalhousie University for paying up to $300K US to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to participate in an entrepreneurship accelerator program, reports CBC. Led by Dal President Richard Florizone, a team of eight individuals from Nova Scotia will attend training sessions at MIT at least four times over a two-year period as part of the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program, which matches MIT experts with diverse regions to develop strategies for economic development. Referring to the eight-person team as “Nova Scotia's elite," Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie argues that Dal’s payment for the program will be “a bitter pill” for the public to swallow “at a time when our tuitions are going up and up and students are struggling.” Dal has stated that it plans to cover the expense of the program through fundraising and partnerships rather than taxpayer dollars. CBC