Dal event for black students Zoom-bombed by people using abusive, racist language

January 27, 2021
CBC reports that a social event for Black medical and health students at Dalhousie University was “Zoom bombed” by people using abusive and racist language. The article explains that when OmiSoore Dryden, who holds the James R Jonston Chair in Black Canadian studies in Dal’s faculty of medicine, asked students to turn on their videos and introduce themselves, several people began to speak. “That’s when we were confronted and affronted with their racist and misogynist and homophobic slurs and their hateful speech,” said Dryden, “and, you know, it was a kind of taunting and racist bullying that many people still have to face.” Dryden stated she had previously promoted events on social media, but that this event was the first time that she sent a letter to Dal departments to promote the event as well. CBC says Dal is determining whether they can identify those who made the comments, and states that the university “unequivocally condemns these cowardly acts of anti-Black racism.” CBC (NS)