Dal faculty approve strike mandate

February 21, 2012

Members of the Dalhousie Faculty Association (DFA) have voted 83% in favour of strike action. The DFA declared conciliation a failure after Dal's administration gave it a 34-page "legal document" outlining details of what it would like on pensions. One demand the institution made was the removal of all mention of pensions in the collective agreement. The DFA's president says the demand is unacceptable because "if we were to do that, we would lose any protection our members have for their pension plans." DFA News Release | Chronicle Herald

Postscript: Mar 13, 2012

Following a weekend of conciliation, Dalhousie University announced Sunday afternoon that it reached a tentative agreement with its faculty association, meaning that classes would continue as scheduled Monday. The next step is for the board of governors and the faculty association to ratify the tentative agreement. Dal News