Dal faculty criticize school's $300K payment for executive training, Dal states it will be reimbursed

August 30, 2016

Members of the faculty at Dalhousie University have criticized the institution’s recent move to pay over $300K CDN to send executives, including Dal President Richard Florizone, to an entrepreneurship-based program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dal English Professor Julia Wright called the decision a “bad start to the year,” and stated that students will be vocal about the expense at a time when they will be facing a three-per-cent tuition hike. "The students have every right to find out why their tuition money is being spent for free tuition for some very wealthy people,” said Wright. Dal spokesperson Brian Leadbetter explained that Dal paid the fees to expedite enrolment in the program, and further noted that the school's administrators were “fully confident that we are going to raise those funds and secure that funding through private sector partners.” CBC