Dal restructures senior admin around provost model

September 5, 2014

Dalhousie University has restructured the roles of its senior administration. Many of the changes focus on the role of its Provost. While the duties of the provost have long been considered part of the portfolio of the vice-president, they have not been as fully exercised at Dal as they are at many other Canadian research-intensive universities. By implementing “the provost model," Dal says that it will enhance the integration of university planning and resource allocation. “By emphasizing the provost’s responsibilities, we ensure that our academic priorities drive decisions around allocating resources, renovating or adding new facilities, and other similar concerns. It makes our planning between academic and administrative units more integrated while providing a clearer and more efficient decision-making process,” said Dal President Richard Florizone. Dal’s current Provost, Carolyn Watters, will stay on in the role, with her title changing from “Vice-President Academic and Provost” to “Provost and Vice-President Academic.” Dal News