Dal students receive course credit for protesting

December 2, 2014

Students studying in professor Robert Huish’s course “Development and Activism: Methods of Organization, Manifestation, and Dissent” must do more than just show up in class to earn a good grade; they must also actively participate in a political protest. Huish allocates 20% of each student’s final grade to an assignment that asks them to actively participate in and write a reflection on a protest. The course is required for students enrolled in international development studies at Dal, but also attracts a strong contingent from other departments. “I took a course with [Huish] last year and I knew it’s not just a lecture. There’s always outside-of-the-classroom activism and getting involved in the real world,” said one student. Huish says that he hopes that students find his course inspiring. “I think students after this course, no matter who they are, realize they can be an uninvited activist … and really make a change in the world.” CBC News