Dal suspends men’s rugby team after hazing complaint

October 1, 2014

Dalhousie University has suspended its men’s rugby team after receiving a complaint about hazing. The club was already under probation for an undisclosed incident that occurred earlier in September; the combination of the 2 incidents has led to an investigation by the university. The club has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation—which must be completed within 60 days—meaning the club will not represent Dal in the Rugby Nova Scotia university league, will not receive funding from the university, cannot book university space, and that its members cannot wear university colours or uniforms. “Dalhousie is committed to being a safe, respectful place to learn and play. We expect our student-run sport clubs to adhere to their obligations in the Sport Club Handbook, and will not tolerate behaviour that humiliates, disrespects or threatens the safety of individuals in our community,” said Dal in a statement. Dal implemented a stand-alone hazing policy earlier this year after the majority of the women’s hockey team was suspended in 2013 for a hazing incident. Dal Statement | CBC | Toronto Star

Postscript: Jan 21, 2015

A rugby club at Dalhousie University has been hit with a series of sanctions and conditions after having been found in violation of the university’s hazing policy. Members will be required to attend a hazing education program and participate in an initiative to raise awareness about hazing. The team will be barred from playing next year if any members refuse to take part. Details of the incident have not been released, a university spokesperson said, because “any section of the report could potentially identify individuals and it is the university’s position to protect the confidentiality and privacy of students.” The Record