Data-driven applicant modeling improves recruiting efficiency

September 22, 2014

Colleges and universities in the US are realizing the benefits of taking a more targeted approach to recruiting, often with the use of modelling software that identifies the most likely candidates to accept an admissions offer. “We were wasting our time messing with a lot of these inquiries,” said Andrew Bills, VP Enrollment at High Point University in North Carolina. High Point has used modeling techniques to grow from a freshman class of 412 in 2005 to 1,370 this year. Houston Baptist University uses modeling techniques not just to target students but also to evaluate their traditional recruitment tactics. Data helped them decide to send viewbooks to just 2,000 targeted students rather than the usual 12,000. Doing so cut costs but enrolment still increased. However, some have expressed concerns that such targeting will lead to some colleges focusing on wealthier students. Inside Higher Ed