Debate over institutions' investment in entrepreneurship

October 16, 2014

Colleges and universities across the country are investing heavily in entrepreneurship initiatives, but some are asking whether launching incubators and accelerators is worthwhile. An article in the Globe and Mail questions whether PSE institutions have figured out how or whether entrepreneurship can be taught, and notes the number of successful entrepreneurs who launched their enterprises after dropping out of school. The article also suggests that success in entrepreneurship can be difficult to measure: even a failed venture can be valuable from an education standpoint. This can make it difficult for PSE institutions to settle on a model of entrepreneurship education that works. Some benefits, for instance, may not be realized until well after a student has graduated. Others have wondered if “entrepreneurship” has simply become a buzzword that is too broadly applied to be meaningful. Moreover, the appeal of entrepreneurship may not be as attractive to a younger generation of students that values work-life balance and named the federal government as its second-most-desirable employer. Globe and Mail