Debate surrounds visiting speakers for Islamic Awareness Week at uAlberta

January 20, 2016

A MacEwan University professor has expressed concern over a group of Islamic scholars invited to speak at the University of Alberta’s Islamic Awareness Week. In an interview with CBC, Junaid Jehangir alleged that the visiting scholars hold extremist and homophobic views, adding that one of the speakers has referred to “homosexual people” as "filthy, disgusting things" in a video posted to YouTube. Yet uAlberta Muslim Students' Association President Ayesha Sohail defended the choice of speakers, claiming that Jehangir had taken the YouTube video out of context. "[The speaker] is not expressing his own opinion,” she said. “He is giving an example of somebody saying things like that. He is actually arguing against that. He's saying 'we don't say things like that, but rather we should express our beliefs in a calm and collected manner, in a peaceful way.'" CBC | Edmonton Journal | Huffington Post