Digital badges still have a long way to go with employers

November 27, 2014

An article in The Chronicle of Higher Education looks at the implications of digital badges and nanodegrees for hiring practices. Some have argued that badges or nanodegrees tied to specific skills can help applicants make it through the first round of the hiring process, during which a résumé may receive just a quick glance, and that badges offer verifiable proof that a job candidate has a skill required for a job. However, as a growing number of larger companies use software that digitally sorts applicants, institutions that confer badges or nanodegrees need to ensure that the software accepts the alternative credentials. So far, this kind of integration remains elusive. One manager told a prospective applicant that his view of badges depends on the guidelines put in place by the credentialing company. The issue varies by field, as well. “Out of IT, there is a lot of resistance to badges,” said a professor at Arizona State University who has been researching the subject. “I know that for my students, based on folks we have talked to so far, I would never recommend that they use badges within a traditional hiring process—e.g., on a résumé.” The Chronicle of Higher Education