"Digital natives" switch media 27 times per hour, study finds

April 13, 2012

Recent US research observes that 20-something consumers ("digital natives") switch media venues approximately 27 times per non-working hour. The study's 30 subjects were split evenly between natives and "digital immigrants" (consumers who grew up with old-school technologies and adapted to newer ones). Researchers found that immigrants switched media venues just 17 times per non-working hour. The findings mean "the (creative) bar is set higher" for advertisers, says the CEO of the research firm that conducted the study. "I'd be most alarmed about the challenging act of capturing the attention and emotional response of my target audience, because it's almost like going from shooting fish in a barrel to little minnows," he says. "The target has become faster, and the window of opportunity for capturing them has become smaller." Advertising Age